About Us

Throughout the sports industry, there are sports agents, marketing companies that help with branding, and advertising agencies, but there is a gap in companies that can help with strategic revenue generating marketing plans that tie into advertising execution.

That’s Where We Come In.

Playbook Marketing is dedicated to becoming a trusted strategic partner, helping youth sports clubs, college athletic departments, semi-professional teams, professional teams, and training facilities evaluate your overall branding, positioning, and revenue generating activities, identify gaps, and develop a strategy to boost all three avenues, increasing ROI, and growing your bottom line.

The Mission of Playbook Marketing is to use winning strategies to help organizations build their brand, increase revenue, and improve fan engagement and experience.

Our Core Values


Embrace a sense of fun, curiosity, and creativity in all aspects of business fostering an environment that values imagination, exploration, and flexibility.


Emphasize collaboration and cooperation through synergy of diverse perspectives, skills, and experiences to reach a common goal.

Ownership Mindset

Take proactive approaches, demonstrate accountability, treat tasks or projects as if you have a personal stake in their success, and commit to going above and beyond to ensure high-quality results.

Embrace The Noise

Maintain concentration and productivity amidst distractions, disruptions, and competing priorities while finding ways to adapt and stay on track to reach goals.

Inspire Passion. Drive Direction.

Ignite enthusiasm, excitement, and dedication to something that resonates with you or aligns with your values and aspirations.

Your Home Team

Maria Haun

Vice President of Marketing Strategy

Kristie Welle

Business Strategy and Marketing Manager

Jason Muzyka

Marketing Strategist

Connor Finucan

Marketing Strategist

Julie Fleming

Marketing Coordinator

Orianah Fast

Campaign Strategist

Rachel Moss

SEM/PPC Strategist

Jodi Behling

Creative Manager

Katie Parish

Creative Designer

Mike Palmer

UI Designer

Caleb Sands

Front End Developer

Brad Ludwig

Front End Developer

Keyli Hickey

Social Media